Here at the Davis Lab, we believe diversity is a principal component of a vibrant, healthy, happy, and successful team. We enthusiastically welcome applications from members of groups that are underrepresented in science, including women, racial minorities, and people who identify as LGBTorI.

Current job opening:


Job Qualifications: Applicant must hold a PhD in a relevant field (genetics, statistics, computer science, etc.). Intimate knowledge of complex trait genomics is desired but not required. Computational background is required. Experience working in a unix/linux cluster environment, and programming in R, python, perl and/or matlab is required.

Job Summary: We are seeking a highly motivated individual with strong computational skills and a passion for discovery! The Davis lab is a computational and statistical genomics lab focused on the genetic architecture of a wide range of phenotypes including gender identity, mental health traits, and endocrine phenotypes. Projects in the lab utilize large highly dimensional data sets including genomic SNP and copy number variation data, DNA and RNA sequencing, and biobank phenotypes. We use polygenic approaches to “big data” to identify genes involved in human health and disease, to discover genetic correlations between traits, and to identify novel biomarkers. Working with a network of collaborators, we integrate multiple sources of genetic variation with functional annotations from gene expression and proteomics studies to answer questions about the underlying biology of complex traits. Additional interests in the lab include elucidating the relationships between genetic and environmental sources of risk, as well as understanding the evolutionary history of complex traits and disease states. Several projects in the lab make use of the >200,000 individual Vanderbilt Biobank, BioVU, to test hypotheses in all of these areas. We are seeking PhD trained scientists who wish to delve into these research topics. This is a wonderful opportunity for someone who loves finding patterns in big data and is interested in human biology and disease. We are passionate about seeking deep understanding of complex human traits through genomics. If you meet the qualifications, are eager for responsibility, and are scientifically curious, we invite you to apply!

Responsibilities will include:

  1. Working in a team environment including international consortia.
  2. Independently developing and leading projects.
  3. Assisting with grant writing and seeking independent funding.
  4. Presenting work at national and international meetings and writing manuscripts.
  5. Providing mentorship to graduate and undergraduate students.
  6. Attention to detail and good organizational skills.
  7. A high level of personal integrity.

To inquire about this position, please contact Dr. Davis (  Please attach a current CV.